1. Today is the day! The Earth Day Bazaar is going on today from 11 am to 4 pm in Park Plaza right behind Hibbs. We have a Sugar Shack Gift Basket as our first place prize in our guessing competition so don’t forget to come by! #ramsbazaar #vcu #rva #sugarshack #earthday #greenunity


  2. Today we’re featuring Eleanor and her beautiful paper goods! Only a few more days before the bazaar, come check us out April 22nd!


  3. So our Earth Day Bazaar is coming up really fast! Hope everyone will be able to come out next Tuesday! Our featured vendor for today is New Normal Apparel with their bum diggity shirts and awesome necklaces. Can’t wait to get my shopping on!


  4. The vendor application deadline has been pushed back one day to April 2nd! Make sure to get them in as soon as possible! #vcu #ramsbazaar #creativecharmer #earthday


  5. Our bazaar is right around the corner! One first featured seller is Mandy with her beautiful pen and ink drawings. Be sure to check them out on April 22nd at the Earth Day Bazaar!


  6. Be sure to mark your calendars! #vcu #ramsbazaar #rva #homemade


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    For anyone who might not get flowers today, don’t worry, I painted you some.

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    Richmond VA
    Circa. 2013

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  13. Happy Monday Everyone! 

    Get excited about a sneak peak of one of our vendors!


  14. We Are Back!

    The Rams Bazaar is resurfacing! 

    The bazaar will be held in the VCU Park Plaza (the grassy stairs behind Hibbs Hall where the break dancers and olio truck hang out!) on NOVEMBER 1st. More news to come! We are still considering vendor applications so feel free to message us if you or any students or local richmond merchants are interested!